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By Robert Cialdini

Written in a story format (it is a compilation of events and observations), this book explains the several methods of influencing people, how to identify influence tactics, and how to safeguard yourself from them.

The 10X Rule

Written by Grant Cardone, the 10X Rule states that to achieve anything great, you need to put in 10 times the effort. A great motivator for massive action. The style of the book is pleasant to read.

10X Daily Planner

Remind yourself everyday that ‘success is your duty’ using Grant Cardone’s 10X Daily Planner. 10x your life and business results, never procrastinate another moment. The 10X Daily Planner helps you schedule your day, write down your goals, motivate yourself, set targets, note your accomplishments, keep your goals in mind. Included is a video training on how to use your 10X Daily Planner so you can get the results you want.




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