Job Search Tips

So you've found yourself unemployed, looking for work. Here are tips to help you succeed in your jobsearch and find a job fast. The first thing to do is to make sure your resume and cover letter are well-written.  Have a professional draft them for you if you can't do it yourself. Especially if you…
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A Well-Written Cover Letter is Important for Job Search Success

​Are you not getting anywhere in your job search? Not getting any response to job applications? The cause may be a poorly written cover letter. Sending a CV without a cover letter or with a poorly written one is a recipe for failure. Your cover letter introduces you to the employer and briefly tells the…
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Professional Development is Important for Job Security

Professional development is necessary not only for personal satisfaction but also for job security. Everyday new opportunities arise for developing and enhancing one’s skills, the importance of which can not be overstated. To ensure job security, it’s important to keep up with changing trends and ensure that one’s skills, qualifications, and technological development are up-to-date.…
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