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Have this skill and watch your career grow

What is the most important skill for employees? Self motivation and taking responsibility The ability and drive to identify areas for improvement in your job or organization and taking the initiative to make it happen. No manager wants to micromanage or tell you how to do your job. They might say “we are planning x,…
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Would you like to have a career you love?

Are you confused about your career? What is the right job for you? What career line you should choose. Unfortunately college doesn’t fully prepare you for this. Which is why most people enter the work world unprepared. Most people take the first job that comes their way. And go on taking job after job impulsively,…
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A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words, So Is Your Portfolio

A well-designed portfolio makes your job application stand out, giving you the edge you need over other job seekers to get an interview. A portfolio shows your abilities and expertise in picture form. A picture is worth a thousand words and you can say more with your portfolio than any other document.   When you apply for…
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Why you need to manage your time more when you are unemployed

When you are out of work, it’s easy to fall off schedule and become disorganized. ❌You might start staying up late. ❌Waking late in the morning. ❌Becoming sloppy and untidy. ❌Not caring how you look or what you wear. ❌Wasting time on useless activities like watching movies for hours a day. The result is getting…
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