Monthly Archives: July 2020

The one mistake on LinkedIn that is keeping from your dream job

Are you using LinkedIn right when applying for jobs? Maximize your chances of getting a positive response when applying to jobs via LinkedIn, the biggest professional network, using these simple tweaks: When you apply to work, your aim with the application is not to get the job but to open the way to communication. Remember,…
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Want to make your home office space more appealing? Read this.

Tips to make your remote work space more pleasant in the post-pandemic era There are many articles on how to make your remote working and remote collaboration more effective. But something you may have missed is that your environment affects your productivity. Since many employees had to spend much of their work time working from…
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Vacationing during Covid19 Pandemic

Life is not all about work. In fact, the way to improve mental health and increase productivity is by taking a break from work more often than less. And since it’s summer, it is a great time to go on holiday. However, due to Coronavirus and a possible resurgence of the pandemic, it’s not a…
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