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Convey your skills correctly to get the job you want

There are two types of skills. Soft skills (personal skills) are personal attributes and communication skills such as teamwork and cooperation, money management, punctuality, organization, and personal habits. Soft skills are internal and affect the quality of your work and how you interact with co-workers. Hard skills (technical skills) refer to knowledge and expertise you…
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Tips to be successful on your job interview

You have finally gotten a call for the long awaited interview. You’ve been applying for jobs for months. You’ve been struggling to get the attention of certain companies for a long time. And finally, a breakthrough has come. You’ve been called for an interview at a company you admire. What should be your attitude? A)…
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New Job Opportunities at Target (USA)

Do you have leadership skills and want to work in retail? These jobs at Target may be for you: Target is one of the largest retail corporations in USA, with branches and business globally, including online stores. It is one of S&P 500 companies. Target employs 350,000 workers. The company provides its workers various employee…
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