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Struggling to change jobs? Have you thought of this?

Has being stuck at the same job for too long made you lose motivation? Is your job unchallenging, has no space for personal progress, and become a boring routine?  Are you struggling to find a new job but have been unsuccessful? Have you thought of getting a promotion or finding a different role IN THE…
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Do You Dream of Going to Dubai to Get a Job?

Many people go to Dubai on visit visa so they can look for work.​If you're going to Dubai on visit visa with the hope that you will find a job,  know that the competition in UA​​E is intense and it is very hard to find a job in a short period of time, especially a…
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Don’t Allow Desperation Hurt Your Job Search Efforts

Are you desperately looking for a job? If you're job hunting, it's important to be professional and confident in all your communication with prospective employers, whether in-person, over the phone, or in online job applications. Desperation has no place in job hunting. In current times, desperation won't help you in your job search. Rather, it will mar…
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Planning Your Finances in Order to Start Your Own Business

Many expats complain of the quality of life in the Arab Gulf countries.It is a sad reality that life in Middle Eastern countries for expats is difficult, with salaries and work conditions not always very impressive, due to the high number of South Asian expats going there for jobs and no minimum wage laws. Since…
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